Home Based therapies

Our waiver funded services provide therapies to MRDD individuals

FCT provides home or center based therapy services to waiver clients in the middle-TN area.  Home based therapy services can include but are not limited to staff training, equipment acquisition, therapeutic exercise, range of motion, balance training, gait training, mobility training, and specialized treatments.  Some of the agencies that we work with include the following:

  • Millar Rich
  • DSDC
  • New Horizons
  • Evergreen

For more information on the waiver program check out DIDD'S.

To make a referral, please have the individual's ISC submit the client's ISP for consideration.

2017 update: Full Circle will no longer be seeing waiver clients as of 5.31.17.  If individuals on the waiver are interested in our specialized services they may contact us as a private pay client.  Only site assessments will be accepted as new from 12.2016 to 5.1.17.  Thank you for letting us serve you.