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Since 2003, Full Circle Therapy, PLLC has been providing superior rehabilitation services to children and adults with neuromuscular disorders, such as Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Spinal Cord Injury, and Developmental Delay.  From day one, the families that entrust their loved ones to us discover that they become part of our family, the Full Circle Family.  At Full Circle, we care.  We care about your hopes and dreams, about the tedious and mundane chores of life, and about your struggles and hardships.  We realize that we do not offer just therapy; we offer a Family.  Welcome!

What does FAMILY mean at Full Circle Therapy?  YOU

Aquatic Therapy

Intensive Therapy


Three hours of therapy?  Are you nuts! No, we're just crazy about results.  The fact is that an annual goal can be reached in 1-3 weeks, in some cases.  To summarize, Intensive Therapy works.

Hippotherapy(HPOT) is derived from the Greek word "hippos", which literally means treatment with the aid of a horse.  In HPOT, the therapist positions the patient to take advantage of the horse's movement.

During Aquatic Therapy, the properties of water, namely buoyancy and turbulence, are used to strengthen muscles, to normalize tone, to improve joint mobility and to enhance the independence of gait.

What's more important than an experienced team of professionals? Nothing.


We love nothing more than to serve our clients.  As such, the team that we have put together has over 14 years of experience.  This experience has been gleaned from more than 12 different therapy venues, in 3 different states, and 2 countries.  This experience makes our approach eclectic and individualistic.  Welcome to the Family!

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"I definitely think that without FCT, she would not have the skills that she has." 

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"FCT is the best riding center we have been at and this is our third one."


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2014 Carriage Driving FundRaiser

Goal: $8000

CURRENT: $1000

We have been trying for 3 years to save for a carriage driving program, to no significant avail.  We have clients waiting to drive; because, they do not qualify for hippotherapy, due to medical issues.  We have a trained horse and harness.  We just need a carriage for the disabled.  Therefore, throughout 2014, we will be accepting donations. Thank you for your support.


"I would just love to say that Full Circle is one of the Best Places.  For the past 4 years, Daniel has worked hard and now he can walk, climb steps, jump and stand on his own.  There is no better place!"