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Contraindications and Precautions to Aquatic Therapy

Uncontrolled Seizures

Severe Behavioral Issues

Severe Fear of Water

Open Wounds

Heart Conditions

Aquatic Therapy

It is not just splashing around or Swimming; it is fun!

During Aquatic Therapy, the therapist uses the properties of the water, namely turbulence and buoyancy to create a unique treatment plan that focuses on improving gait, balance, strength, range of motion and overall mobility.  Often the participants think that they are just having fun, but in actuality they are moving.  Let me say that again.  They are MOVING!  They can move so much easier in the water; because, they are more buoyant. This enables them to do things in the pool that they would not be able to do on land, such as walk and run.  It is also a safe environment that is freeing from the fear of falls.  This yields a significant gain in self-confidence.  Resulting in great gains towards mobility goals.

 Aquatic Schedule 

FCT is happy to announce that a permanent pool home has been found at FLOW Aquatics in Smyrna, TN right off of exit 70 on Almaville Rd.

We will be open for Aquatic Appointments on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 1pm until 6pm.