frequently asked questions

  1. Does Insurance cover the cost of the therapies?

FCT is out of network with all private insurances and TennCare.  This means that TennCare will not cover the services offered at all.  It also means that the out of network deductibles and co-pays apply on private insurance carriers.  FCT services are typically billed under the following billing codes:  97110, 97116, and 97530.  Insurance carriers will typically cover the aforementioned codes for physical therapy services, but you will need to discuss that with your provider.  FCT will not bill your insurance company.  All fees are due at the time of services.  FCT will provide the forms and support needed for you to seek reimbursement back from your insurance provider.  Both aquatic and Hippotherapy services have been designated experimental by most insurance companies and it is unlikely that they will be covered.

     2.  Are there alternative funding sources?

If you are in need of financial assistance, we recommend that you contact the Middle -TN United Cerebral Palsy Association to access and to apply for the Family Assisted Funding Program.  Many receive up to $1000 a year to apply to therapy services and if you have your approval letter, we can bill UCP directly for you.

      3.  How much do services cost?

Services are charged by the unit.  A unit is 15-minutes.  Each unit for any of the services offered is $30.  The average treatment length is 30 minutes; therefore, the typical charge is $60 per treatment session.  All fees are due at the time of service.  Service time starts when the client is greeted by his or her therapist and ends when the therapist bids farewell. So, the average on horse or in pool time is 20 minutes of a 30 minute session.

      4.  How much does an intensive session cost?

Intensive sessions cost $30 per unit as well; however, they are grouped by weekend sessions ($720) or week long sessions during the summer program $1,800).  FCT recommends a minimum of a week for intensive sessions.  However, the majority of the research has been conducted on 3-week sessions and more significant results have been seen with the 3-week sessions. For more information go to

      5.  Is there a waiting list?

There may be a waiting list.  If there is your therapist will let you know that you have been placed on the waiting list.  Every effort is made to get people off of the waiting list as quickly as possible.

      6.  How soon can I expect results?

Most people begin to see results within the first 3 treatment sessions.

      7.  How do I get started?  

To get started, just contact us to set up a Free Evaluation.  Before coming to the evaluation, go to our new patient information page and obtain a physicians order from your doctor and sign the consent form.  When you come to the evaluation please bring any medication lists, x-rays or other pertinent information.  Please be aware that Hippotherapy evaluations are always conducted off of the horse.  Also, the first Hippotherapy session is often a half-session.

      8.  How do I submit an insurance claim?

To submit a claim to your insurance company, you will need your treatment receipt and a signed HCFA form.  Both are available from your therapist.  For instructions on filling out the HCFA form click here.